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In conversation with... Dominy from Bow in the Sky

As part of my new blog I wanted to explore some of your favourite interior accounts, those that do children's interiors amazingly well. I don't know about you but I absolutely love having a nosey around people's houses and enjoy spending time on Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration. 

So first up is Dominy from Bow in the Sky . When I think of Dominy I think of scalloped walls and beautiful styling, using amazing products from small businesses! 

Grab a cuppa and take 5, Dominy answered loads of my questions!! I hope you feel inspired!! 


Tell us about yourself? Tell us a little about your brand and why you began?

First and foremost, I’m a mum! My day job is looking after our two young daughters. Before becoming a mum I had boring admin jobs despite wanting to do something more imaginative- the majority of my working life was spent as a PA at an investment bank in the City, so it was pretty far removed from the career I’m carving out for myself now.

Bow in the Sky is my third baby. Born 11 months ago, a couple of months before our youngest was turning one and in all honesty it came about because I needed a release! I needed a creative outlet. Children can be all consuming and hard work a lot of the time and I needed to do something I enjoyed, just for me.

Over the past year Bow in the Sky has grown into a fun, bright, happy and colourful brand. It’s lighthearted, unique and beautiful decor for children (although I have known a few of my makes to grace the walls of adults too). Every item is designed and made by myself from beginning to end, I design things I would want for my daughters and that I take joy in styling in our home. I love my brand, it’s my passion and it has opened up so many doors for me, Instagram is just amazing for that and it’s such a great place for us small businesses to express ourselves.

What trends inspire you? Do you follow trends?

Yes and no. I’ve always liked to be a bit different so I’ve never really been one to follow a trend but I of course use Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and if there is something trending that I love I may decide to jump on board with it but I usually try to put a different twist on it. I am fickle and my taste changes frequently so trends can be dangerous! Believe it or not, I used to be that girl who loved everything to be grey. If you looked at my Instagram feed now you wouldn’t know it, but colour was never my thing!

 When decorating, where do you look for inspiration?

Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest! We are planning a big renovation project on our house in a couple of years time so I have boards galore. I always think if you see something you like, no matter how impossible it may seem to achieve, then be sure to pin it so you don’t lose it, because there are always way to adapt things to fit your home.

DIY or tradesmen?

Anything interiors, painting etc, then DIY. I love the process of decorating and transforming a room but it’s finding the time to do it where I struggle! I’m also quite fussy about things and have a hard time handing my vision over to someone else to create for me. Anything beyond a paintbrush or an IKEA flat pack goes to the tradesmen though!

Favourite part of your kids room?

In my eldest daughters room, I would say my current favourite is her wardrobe. It was a £30 ugly off-white laminate number I found on Facebook marketplace that I repainted in laurel green, a colour I absolutely love and used some bright confetti wall stickers to give it a facelift and I am over the moon with the results. It puts a smile on my face whenever I see it.

In my youngest’s room, my favourite part is the starry night border running along the top of her walls. I painted it a really deep blue and used gold foil star wall stickers and I think it looks just beautiful and has created a really calming space. It was just a little update I did recently and it made such a big difference to her room.

What is your favourite interior account on insta to follow?

Oh so so many! The Otto House (@theottohouse) is a gorgeous account. It’s a great follow for creative DIY projects and the colours - think mustard, smokey rose and teal, are right up my alley!

Another is This Is My Home Style (@thisismyhomestyle) Kelly’s house is absolutely beautiful, lots of pinks and pastels and really bold ideas done in a really understated and beautiful way. At the complete other end of the spectrum is Our Victorian Detached (@ourvictoriandetached) for the wow factor! I don’t know that I’d ever be brave enough to paint a wall black but Cat knows how to do to and make it look unreal!

What are you favourite small brands?

 For obvious reasons most of my favourite small brands are in the kids decor sector - it’s my passion and it’s where I spend most of my money!!

 I don’t think you can’t not mention Coral @velveteen_babies when talking small brands, she’s just an absolute force in the market and every thing she does is magic.

For prints my go to is @wonderandrah as I adore Natalie’s style - for grown ups as well as kids actually. Marti @heykiddostudio for the best knitted wire signs. I also love @cotton_clara for fun craft bits that you can display afterwards and @sarahandbendrix for beautiful wooden heirloom toys.

And finally, who would you like to see on the next blog? 

Kelly from @thisismyhomestyle




I hope you enjoyed the blog and I would love to know what you think so please leave your comments below, and any suggestions for who to interview next! 

Rebecca x


  • Really enjoyed reading this blog. Off to check out the accounts mentioned as i’m in desperate need of some interiors inspiration.

  • Loved this blog Rebecca. I’m off to follow all the lovely accounts mentioned x

    Lisa Kelsall

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