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Doll's Play, not just for girls!

There has always been a bit of a stigma around doll's play and it being just for girls...I am a Mummy to two boys and it definitely is not just for girls!

My eldest son is a typical boy, wild, loves the outdoors and anything active. To be honest he was never really drawn to dolls (unless Spider-Man and Captain America count), but loved the home corner at nursery and still plays with his kitchen at home. 

My youngest on the other hand, loves dolls!!

Never have we pushed any toys onto our boys (and obviously my husband wouldn't naturally encourage his son to play with a doll) but any shop we go into, Oscar goes straight to the dolls (or animals), I have taken him out before and he has been laid on the floor to get a better look at the dolls on the bottom shelf!! Don't get me wrong, he loves cars and lining them all up, but he does love his baby and has always been so gentle with it, even feeds it his dinner, haha, much to my delight when I have to clean it all up. He has a little pink stroller that even I rolled my eyes at when my friend gave it to him...but then I though, who cares...who actually cares about the pram being pink!? He enjoys taking his baby for a walk and often pushes the pram around when I am doing the hoovering. We have even taken the pram to the shops, Oscar would not leave baby at home, which earned us a few puzzled looks, but it was the cutest thing I have ever seen and he was so happy! 

There are a whole host of reasons that it is good for our children to play with dolls from cognitive and motor development, expanding their imagination, to social-emotional growth, learning about responsibility and empathy by observation and doing as we do, nurturing their baby. What are we actually teaching our son's that play with dolls!? To be kind and caring? To show love? To be a good Daddy? All the more reason to play with dolls I say! 

I have found some of the most stylish dolls play toys on the market, and put them all here in one place for you to shop whether you have a boy or a girl. I have launched Little Jagger dolls bedding, to match with your toddlers bedding, as with all of our products the bedding can be made up in your choice of fabric, and will definitely be a hit with the boys too. 

Done By Deer Dolls CotMini Land Dolllittle jagger dolls duvet and pillowOoh Noo Pram, BlackOlli Ella Holdie House Cam Cam Dolls carrier, Scandiborn

  1. Done By Deer Dolls Cot  Mama and Max, Such a cool little cot that you will wish was real size!
  2. Mini Land Baby Doll Acorn and Pip, on a recent visit to their new shop, Oscar brought me nearly every gorgeous Mini Land doll that was on display!   
  3. Dolls Bedding Little Jagger, Baby needs to be kept cosy in bed or in the pram. I can make the bedding in any fabric too. 
  4. Ooh Noo Toy Pram  Kidly Super stylish pram if you want something a little different.
  5. Olli Ella Holdie House Sisi and Seb, I love this Holdie House so much, there is furniture to go with it too! Olli Ella have the most amazing range of natural strollies too if that is more your style. 
  6. Cam Cam Dolls Carrier Scandiborn Take baby anywhere, what is not to love about this little carrier!? 


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