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Set the tone for a happy home.

Pantone has announced its colours of the year: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow. If you are planning to decorate a nursery or children’s bedroom in 2021 then these could be the shades for you. Not only are they unisex, but these colours are also fresh and easy to style. Illuminating Yellow conveys strength and hope, and adds a little pop of sunshine to your interiors; while Ultimate Gray represents reliability and confidence, a steadiness that will never date in decor. With these two colours, you simply can’t go wrong! 
In this blog I will show you a few Little Jagger products that would work well with this trend and allow you to bring a splash of colour into your home without a complete refresh. If the particular Pantone shades of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow are not quite your taste then please don’t be discouraged, there is a tone or accessory to suit everybody. I’ll discuss this a bit later!
yellowcotsheet  cushions 
Our yellow swallow fitted cot sheet (top left) will add a pop of colour to any neutral nursery, perfectly softened with monochrome accessories or natural decor. Think soft muslins, wooden toys, scatter cushions (top right) and rattan for a more natural feel. Olli Ella is a perfect go-to for rattan storage.

If going all out with a colour or trend is not really your thing, then a colourful lampshade is a small detail that makes a big difference to your decor. Here (top left) @bowinthesky has successfully added a bright pop of colour to their playroom using our yellow swallow lampshade. Grey, being so neutral, can work well both as the primary colour or as the secondary colour alongside something bolder. See an example (top right) of grey being used as a secondary colour next to a green wall. Grey bedding can be used to make a statement (see bottom left) or a mural wall in grey tones can be a lovely feature for a gender-neutral nursery (bottom right).


If bright yellow is not for you, and you prefer something a little more subtle, then you could go for a mustard tone which sits beautifully alongside either grey or autumnal shades. See above some examples; both photos include bedding from our most recent collection, A Walk in Nature.

I hope this blog has inspired you! Go for it, reach for the paint brush if you are feeling brave. I’d love to see your take on this trend so tag me on Instagram @little_jagger_. For more inspiration, including other ideas for your home, please check out my Pinterest board

Rebecca x