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Removable Swallow Wall Decals
Removable Swallow Wall Decals

Removable Swallow Wall Decals

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Transform any room with these beautiful bird decals, featuring swallows and stars, drawn by Ingrid Petrie For Little Jagger. They are so easy to arrange in any pattern and style of your choice.


  • 9 x Black Swallow birds: 8.6cm x 7cm
  • 11 x White swallow birds: 8.6cm x 7cm 
  • 25 x Large stars: 3.1cm x 3.2cm
  • 59 x Small stars:1.8cm x 1.9cm

Product properties: self Adhesive, peel and stick , matte vinyl

How to use our decals

PEEL & STICK DECALS Simply peel and stick where you want. Whilst they are not designed to be re-used, when applying, if you have a change your mind on a position, if you’re gentle, they can be removed to re-position.

Where do these work best?

On smooth, flat non-porous walls. If you have just given your walls a lick of paint we recommend at least 2-3 weeks after the paint is applied to add decals. These will struggle to stick to textured wall and we strongly advise not to use these over wallpaper.


Are they easy to remove?

The adhesive on our decals is mild and low tack, therefore are easy to remove.

Will they damage the wall?

It is not possible for us to know what type of surface the decals will be used on and cannot know the condition of your surface. Unfortunately, sometimes this can happen. Maybe test beforehand. We are not liable for any possible damage to surfaces.

As stated above the adhesive on our decals is mild and low tack, therefore are easy to remove. 

When on a wall for a long period (similar to when a poster has been hanging in the same spot for a long time) they may leave spots of discolouring, when you finally remove the stickers it looks like they have left marks, when it actually is the rest of the wall that has changed (sunlight bleaching etc)