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Woodland Doll's Bedding
Woodland Doll's Bedding

Woodland Doll's Bedding

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Doll's bedding, handmade from our beautiful woodland prints. Made up of a padded duvet and pillow. It perfectly compliments our range of children's bedding so your child can now match with their favourite doll or teddy and tuck them in before they get into bed. 
This is a perfect gift for a child who loves make-believe and playing Mummy's and Daddy's. This mini duvet and pillow would also work well in a dolls pram.

If you have a crib/cot that you would like a set for, but the size is a little different, please get in touch and I can make a set to fit! 

* Sizes, Pillow: 20cm x 15cm Duvet: 40cm x 30cm
* 100% Cotton OEKO TEX, printed in the UK
* Ideal for doll's prams and beds
* 2 pc set including quilt and matching pillow
* Spot clean, wash at 30 degrees and air dry if necessary

**Please note, this is doll's bedding and not full size bedding. 

If you would like a different fabric please get in touch!